Training and Classes | one on one

G.I.S.TechSpot offers one on one training, our place or yours, based specifically on your “Laundry List”.

Whether you’re retraining for a new career, having trouble attaching pictures to email, looking to learn how to double-click, or interested in Skyping with the grandkids, we are here for you.

Our fun, gentle, needs-based approach to your specific needs takes into consideration that you may feel left behind or intimidated by the technology that surrounds you.  At G.I.S.TechSpot, we understand that it is not easy to reenter the workforce or start to embrace this new way of communicating.  

G.I.S.TechSpot can also help you with the purchase of your new computer. Whether you purchase from us or elsewhere, G.I.S.TechSpot is committed to ensuring you have an understanding of the questions to ask when making this investment.  

Training and Classes | Group

Each Fall, Winter and Spring, G.I.S.TechSpot offers a seven week Introduction to Computer Course, comprised of the following components:

1.  Eek! A Mouse!  (How to click, scroll, what right clicking does, copy and paste, drag and drop, the different parts of a computer, what is a Hard Drive, what is RAM, what is a Processor)

2.  Introduction to Operating Systems (What is an OS, Introduction to File Structure in a Windows 7 Environment)

3.  What Did I Call it, and Where Did I Put it?  (File naming conventions, file structure, types of programs and their extensions, how to name files and save them appropriately)

4.  Introduction to the Internet (Brief history, what is a browser, how to stay safe online, types and use of antivirus|anti-malware software)

5.  Internet and Email (Introduction to Search Engines, Google suite of programs, set up a Gmail account)

6.  Introduction to Microsoft Suite of Office products, specifically Microsoft Word (opening files, using templates, saving word files, attaching documents and pictures to email)  Software is provided.

7.  Introduction to PowerPoint OR Publisher OR Excel OR Access (Class choice)  Software is provided.

Contact Us for more details on available Classes